Use this phone wallpaper hack to make sure your phone comes back if it gets lost

By on Jan 9th

photoToday's great idea came from my best friend, Erik, who showed me how he keeps his best electronic friend from disappearing forever.

I noticed that Erik had a super ugly iPhone note as his lock screen wallpaper. On closer inspection, I saw that it was a note with all of his contact information — name, alternative number (NOT your cell number), and email address. Just in case he ever loses his phone, this phone wallpaper hack just ups his chances of him getting it back! Genius.

Of course, this means that you have to live with this completely ugly lock screen instead of that cute photo of your dog. But is it worth it to increase your chances of having your lost phone returned to you? Perhaps you could come up with a prettier alternative?

What tricks (or apps!) do you use to help you keep your phone safe and secure?

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