The stuff I keep my stuff in: creative storage solutions

Guestpost by Lauren on Jan 10th

2-The-Tooth-TeacupLooking around my house, I realize I have a lot of stuff, and I keep that stuff in more stuff! Luckily the stuff I keep my stuff in is a bit more interesting than the stuff itself.

Clear? Possibly not.

For example, I keep my toothpaste and floss in a teacup — on its matching saucer and biscuit plate, of course. I picked this cute little set up for $10 from one of my local antique stores. I am thinking of getting a teapot to keep my toothbrushes in but I haven't found one I like yet.

Here is some of the other stuff that I keep my stuff in…

1 The Chess TableOn my little upstairs veranda, there is a chess setup: two beanbags and our chess table in the middle. That table is a plastic storage box with a sarong as a tablecloth.

It works well and provides a waterproof home for the chess set when the monsoon season starts (not to mention all of the other stuff in there).

3 The Bag RackMy handbags, hats, scarves and belts live on door, on an over-the-door hook that an old roommate left behind. My other half informs me the bag rack has somehow turned into an evolving work of art.

4 The Flower BoxesThese flower boxes have lived many lives depending on the dwelling we were in at the time. Prior uses included a wardrobe, bedside tables, and a kitchen bench. In our new, very bland, very white townhouse they have become the medicine cabinet and other bathroom supplies storage.

5 The Shoe BoxesI use these old soft drink crates to store my shoes. I picked these up from another quirky antique store, and have done many, many repairs on these boxes.

6 The Washing PowderI live in the tropics. Washing powder and the tropics do not mix. You invariably end up with a disintegrating cardboard box filled with powder so swollen and hard from the humidity you have to chip it off with a knife. Then my partner's mother gifted us with an old biscuit jar, sans seal. A few rubber bands later, and now I have the perfect washing powder jar. The downside is that it rattles on the spin cycle… oh well.

7 The Brass Pot of HoldingI call this "The Brass Pot of Holding." Anything and everything from the computer desk lives in here: pens, paper, lollies, CDs, and… bugs.

We'd love to see YOUR creative storage solutions. Perhaps you have a great idea or two we could all learn from. Get to submitting!

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