Tipsy without the spillage: sippy cups for wine

December 18 |
Photo via geekologie.

Hey, Winos! Have you seen Vino2Go — clear sippy cups designed for adult toddlers? If not, behold. Here's more info about the product:

The Vino2Go™ wine sippy cup tumbler is the simplicity of style, an active wine lovers dream come true. This BPA-free durable drink-ware has a familiar wine glass shape making it a convenient and easy to use product.

You get your choice of 5 different colored tops: Merlot Red, Verde Green, Clear Ice, Party Pink & Business Black! The wine tumbler holds 10 oz of wine – standard wine glass size.

While I'm totally a fan, I do feel obligated to point out that you could also use a regular sippy cup… if you don't mind looking like you yanked your kid's cup for drinking. The Vine2Go cups are available on Amazon! Dig on more info at Geekologie!

  1. I am NOTORIOUS for spilling drinks. That's some real alcohol abuse. I never considered an ACTUAL sippy cup, which is totally an option AND would hold more wine…

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  2. I have used sippy cups before and I end up with spillage! Hopefully I'll be able to figure out those darn things before I have kids! But I LOVE this idea!

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  3. Excellent! I can't wait to try one when I'm driving. 😉

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  4. It was actually designed by Amy Okuda of "The Guild" for costar Robin Thorsen as a gift 😀 ProductFarm produces one off products for people, and then if something is really unique and will sell they will mass produce it. Pretty neat concept all around :)

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