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Gifts for people you really like but hardly know

By on Dec 4th

gifts for people you dont know that wellHoliday shoppers, stop stressing: Offbeat Home has gotchu covered this year. All this week we'll be bringing you helpful Homie shopping guides. We love shopping, we love you, we love when you buy things through the site because it helps fund the Empire so that we can keep bringing you more awesome gifts to purchase for yourself. It's the ciiiircle of interwebs!

Anyway, first up: gifts for people you like but don't know that well. This can be co-workers, perhaps a couple of in-laws, what about your trainer or tutor? These things will please EVERYONE, and make you look like you give a shit about what's-her-name.

Any of the Le Creuset gift sets are some of my favorite gifts to give. Whether they're into jam for their breakfast, honey for their tea, bbq sauce, or (my fav) salt for their EVERYTHING, they're going to love having these dedicated Le Cruset pots to use.

hot water bottle sweaterGet the the winning winter combination of a hot water bottle and this adorable Warm Tradition Turtleneck Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle Cover!

Generally, my go-to gift for someone I hardly know (and even those that I do) are succulents and herbs. I like Egglings, because they give a little extra quirkiness to your succulent or herb giving.

Flash drives are always a crowd pleaser. If you know where to find 'em, you can scrounge up some really fun USB drives like these:

Junk in the Trunk Desk Container
This tree trunk container is really cute and awesome for dudes and chicks.

Here's another thing I've gotten as a gift myself and now I gift these to as many people as possible. I Am Not a Paper Cup cups are zee best and will keep you and your co-workers' coffee nice and warm AND save the planet. It comes in this chalkboard version, so you could write a super cute happy holidays message on it. Awwwww.

cat and dog giftsAnother trick to the perfect gift for anyone is to prey upon their love for their pets. Do they have dog? What kind? Anything breed-specific will let tell them "I know enough about you to pay attention to what kind of dog you have." And that will make them happy. Or are they more of a cat person? Oh boy, well then your job is easy — ANYTHING cat will do. Check out these options:

How cool is this microwave popcorn popper!? Get them the entire Sur La Table Popcorn Gift Set.

61V97+vSzrL._SL1500_Flowering teas look awesome and taste awesome! So hook them up with this darling Blossom Glass Teapot with Loose Tea Infuser and 12 Flowering Green Teas. Or perhaps find them an adorable tea infuser that fits their personalty.

The Unzipped-Bag-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl filled with candy.

amazon gift certificateStill nothing? Allow me to close this down with something everyone will love: gift certificates — DUH! Not sure of their favorite store, or restaurant? That's why Amazon gift certificates are the bestest ever. BOOM. Shopping done.

What are YOUR go-to gifts for co-workers, or people who you like but don't know that well?