Kids these days have all the luck: light-up shoes are so much better in 2012

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Y'all: light-up shoes have come a LONG WAY since I was seven years old. As far as I know, no one's yet designed light-up shoes for adults (or if they have, I can't find them), the kid crowd has some amazing option now-a-days: just look at the pair pictured above! Glittery rainbow velcro straps! Rhinestone hearts! Light-up toes! This is the stuff of my childhood dreams, and luckily for all of our kids, they run from 10.5 Toddler to size 4 Youth.

While this particular glimpse into raindbow fairyland footwear is pretty much perfect, it's not the only option: here are six other light-up options your little gremlins can sport (including a Star Wars-themed pairs because I can't help myself).

Zebra light-ups available for $53.
These are on sale! Snag em for $38.

I wanted to keep the rainbow-and-bedazzled love train going with these two — both pairs are available in sizes 10.5 Toddler to 3 Youth. If any of you buy these for your kids I'll be jealous of their feet forever.

Green pumas are $44.

If rainbows aren't your kid's bag, this pair of green Pumas may be a better fit. GET IT? A BETTER FIT.

While I'm not sure it's ever going to happen, if the Empire's Megan DOES ever procreate, I will be buying her child a pair of these light-up shark house slippers. They run in sizes 5-6 Toddler to 1 Youth, which is too bad — girl loves her some sharks.


You guys, these shoes have lightsabers that light up when you walk. I think this is a drop the mic kind of moment. (Psst: they also have a Jango Fett-inspired pair available).

ONE MORE rainbow pair for fun.

I thought I was finished with all that is rainbow and starry, but then I found this pair and knew I wasn't.