A collection of Doctor Who yarn projects that are cooler than bow ties (which are really cool)

By on Nov 14th

I can't knit (like at ALL), but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good pair of hand-made socks… especially when they look like a TARDIS! I mean, look at the craftmanship on those — the doors! The letters! Either I'm too easily impressed, or this person is a knitting extraordinaire.

These socks are one of only many, many incredible Dr. Who-themed knitting projects featured on Trainknitting. You'll need an account at Ravelry to access some of the patterns, but signing up is free. Here are a few stand-outs (and y'all, there is TOTALLY an Ood ski mask somewhere in here):

Xian's Dr. Who Scarf

Photo by Kim.

Xian's Dr. Who Scarf: I also appreciate the attempt to full-on look like David Tennant. Four stars for effort, dude!


Next stop: everywhere sweater: Rory, Amy, Doctor and River: the most badass foursome since TMNT.

10th Doctor and Rose: Aww and! The Doctor and Rose can snuggle, too.

TARDIS Kindle case: Just in case your Kindle gets lonely and cold.

River Song: River is easily my favorite Dr. Who character. I'm starting to think I need a little knitted Whovian family of my own!


Dalek baby jumper: BABY DALEK I CAN'T EVEN.

Ood ski mask: Ok, so. I love the Ood, but this mask straight-up freaked me out when I saw it. Think about it: if someone was walking down the street wearing it, what would you do? Exactly.

Have you guys created any knitted projects you want to show off — Dr. Who inspired or otherwise? Leave links to photos and tutorials in the comments and we'll all ooh and aww over your awesomeness!

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