Throw weekly TV dates: Sundays = zombies, friends, and food

Guestpost by Mich on Oct 29th

This is all you need to throw a weekly party. © by nist6ss, used under Creative Commons license.

Every Sunday night, six close friends all get together to watch "The Walking Dead" TV series. We've done it for all the past seasons as well. The basic plan is simple:

  • There's three participating couples, so we do a weekly rotation of whose house to go to.

    Brain cupcakes by Mich

  • The hosting couple provide snacks and drinks (snacks start simple like chips and dip but always seem to get more elaborate and competitive as the season continues).
  • We show up just after 8, watch the show at 9 and leave when it finishes.
  • You can show up in your PJs if you want!

It's hassle free, so much fun, we get each others' company weekly, and have great banter commenting on the show. (For some reason we renamed Norman Reedus' character "Cleatus" and it stuck!)

Does anyone else have a weekly TV show date with friends?