Throw this Make Your own Monster party!

Guestpost by Haplesschyld on Oct 16th

The whole gang together.

Halloween is a month-long celebration for my group of friends, and one of the staples of October festivities is The Craft Project. We've made Ouija boards and painted skeletons. This year our Halloween theme is "Monsters and Madmen," so our craft project involved creating monsters! Here's how we pulled it off…

We moved all of the furniture out of our living room to make a space for some folding tables, so everyone had a ton of space to hang out and to craft their monsters.

The table all set up….I found blank pre-stuffed doll bodies from, and provided a stock of fabric paints, felts, glue, feathers, fuzzies, and markers. Guests also brought their own accessories like fabrics and sewing supplies.

We gathered on a Saturday afternoon, got some BBQ, some booze, and turned on Mystery Science Theater 3k cheesy monster movies and got to work!

Putting pants on the wolfman.

Putting pants on the Wolfman

Making a VooDoo zombie monster. With pins!

Making a VooDoo zombie monster. With pins!

Joe shattered doll faces & glued them to his.

Shattering figurine faces and glueing them on to a doll.

…and then we made a huge mess!

It was a blast hanging out with everyone and being creative, and a fun, low-stress activity to start off October!

You can view more photos from the party here:

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