The Foldagram is bringing snail mail back, but only with your help!

By on Oct 5th

Remember printing real photos? Or receiving real mail? How about harnessing the power of the internet to combine them both to create old school mail with photos? Sponsors Jordan and Ana are the creators of the Foldagram Kickstarter project which makes it so that the same amount of effort it takes to generate an email can now create a lasting memento called the Foldagram.

What is a Foldagram?

The website makes it easy to upload a photo, write a message, and provide an address for mailing. Once the information is received, magical tiny elves create your Foldagram and put it in the mail, hassle-free. The Foldagram combines a picture and message into one unit that can be folded to create an envelope safe for mailing. It doesn't use any stickers or adhesives. The recipient just unfolds it to see their content, and then can fold it the opposite way to create a self-standing photo display! There's no need for refrigerator magnets or picture frames.

Just think how much easier it would be to send Foldagrams as Thank You cards (hint hint, Offbeat Brides!), event announcements, birthday cards, and OMG holiday cards! Or even to send those old silly photos of you and your school friends to remind them you haven't forgotten about them… OR your ridiculous times together. Ooh, maybe send a scandalous photo of yourself to your partner as a sexy surprise!

How can I get my hands on a Foldagram?

Foldagram is running a pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter. But since it's a Kickstarter project, it's all or nothing — if Foldagram doesn't reach its goal, nobody gets charged, but the project doesn't receive any money and your loved ones don't get awesome photos in their mailbox.

If you're interested, head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge. You'll receive your reward of Foldagrams once the campaign has ended successfully. In the meantime, Foldagram is giving y'all special reward…

OFFBEAT OFFER: Anyone who makes a pledge and shares the Foldagram Kickstarter project on their social network will be sent a Foldagram right away! Just email with your address once you've pledged and shared.

So share, pledge, send, fold, and spread the snail mail love over on the Foldagram Kickstarter page!

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