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Your kitchen needs a retro diner booth!

By on Oct 12th

Listen to me Homies… one day… ONE DAY I shall have a retro diner booth in my kitchen. Right now, I have a small galley kitchen that barely fits two butts, let alone a diner booth. But if you have room, you have to do me a favor and take advantage of Retro Planet's free shipping deal on their retro diner booths.

Wanna take a few measurements of your breakfast nook, or maybe your game room, and then check out some of these awesome booths? If you promise to get one of these and let me live vicariously through you, I'll show you my dream booth. Lookie…

Chevie diner booth and table set

Maybe the Chevie was too big, how about the Designer Serenade booth for two?

Maybe you have a large corner to fill. Check out the Circle V-Back diner booth.


70's Mod kitchen booth set with hot orange trim and atomic orange formica pedestal table.

Retro Planet has more booth styles and choices on their website and they're offering free shipping to the continental US. So you mainlanders — if you have vinyl dining dreams like I do, act now!

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