Rainbow hallway runner will make your day

Guestpost by Alice N. on Oct 9th

tonight's projectRemember when Alice shared her de-beige-ified rental kitchen? Well she's added a butt-ton of color to her hallway, too — with this awesome pants rainbow runner!

I begged her for more details on how she achieved this rainbow hallway look, and she divulged the goods:

At almost 30 inches wide, it was hard to find a rug for this hallway. Our lease, like most San Francisco leases, mandates that we cover 80% of the hardwood floors with carpet, so leaving it empty wasn't really an option. You can buy big rolls of carpet from home depot and similar places, but they're all either really expensive or really, really ugly. While not actually cheap, this was not too bad considering the area covered (about 70 square feet).

The rug is made of tiles from Flor — nine different colors from the "Feelin' Groovy" line. Each tile is 19" square, and the full rug is 1.5 tiles wide and 17 tiles long (2.3' by 27'). It took us maybe an hour and a half to install them — pretty easy.

The tiles are stuck together on the bottom with these adhesive dots that come with the tiles, but you can totally rearrange them later (and stick them together with more of the dot things). Since we're likely to move within a year, this is good news for us. Depending on what our future home looks like, they might stay as a hallway rug, or get rearranged into something more rectangular to act as an area rug. We'll see!

This leaves me wondering… how did YOU cover your narrow hallways?

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