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My cat won't stop yowling

By on Oct 26th
fierce jungle animal

Thanks to Beth for uploading this to our Flickr pool.

My cat howls at night. Every night. Without fail. I've tried giving him food, fresh water, cleaning his litter box, playing with him before bed. He has toys he can play with on his own, but they're just not interesting I guess. We've tried training him with a spray bottle, which he treats as a game. He hides under furniture and howls from there. I've tried locking him in various rooms but he's started tearing off parts of the door. There's nothing wrong with his health. I would prefer to just put in earplugs and ignore him, which has been the only somewhat effective method, but my roommate won't, and my roommate is starting to hate both me and my cat.

I know why he howls. He's bored out of his kitty mind, and I feel bad for him, but I can't get up at four in the morning, every morning, and play with him. I'm a full-time student with a job — I need sleep. My cat recently escaped (he's learned how to open the screen door), and with that brief adventure the howling has gotten worse. I would let him be an indoor-outdoor cat, but I live in an apartment with no way to install a cat door and it's a block away from two very busy streets. I don't want to get a shock collar. I don't want to re-home him. I can't get him a companion animal either, although I think that would help the most. Please help me. -Bird

What say you cat-owning Homies? We KNOW you are filled with tons of cat advice. How do you get a cat to stop yowling if you can't let it out, you don't want to shock it, and you can't get it a companion?

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