What do you know about making awesome Kombucha?

By on Oct 17th
I feel like I've graduated — I read Offbeat Bride every day until my recent wedding and now to fill that hole I'm reading Offbeat Home.

Recently I've been thinking about making my own kombucha in my house. I'm wondering what advice you might have about how to go about doing that, what the best ingredients are, what considerations and items I would need?

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts about this! -McKenna

McKenna, hooray! Congrats on becoming an Offbeat Wife and joining us here at Offbeat Home. SO. Kombucha, huh? Well, I was tempted to first just hit you with a lmgtfy.com link, but then I realized wait: if anyone has secret tips that extend way beyond a search engine, it's Offbeat Homies.

So, Homies: what do you know about making kombucha? What websites would you recommend? Any brewing tips? Special products? SPILL!

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