Charging gadgets without the snake-pits: DIY charging stations

By on Oct 24th


This is how we charge our phones in my house

Are you with me in the loathing of the tangle of cords that makes up the contemporary charging station?

At my house, we use a wooden trencher combined with the ol' binder clip solution to keep the cords organized. It's functional and keeps things relatively tidy, but seriously you guys, there are SUCH more lovely ways to charge your phone.

Let's doodle together and see some sweet-ass DIY options for how you can make a charging station that doesn't look like a pit of cord snakes tangled into blood-thirsty coils, waiting to strike when you reach for your smartphone. To learn more about each project, just click the source link beneath the photo!

Retro luggage!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Vintage Breadbox!

Up-cycled plastic bottle!



Who's got their own brilliant charging station to share?