Give your cat a hideaway under a chair

By on Oct 11th

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I'm pretty cat-obsessed, so this little item has made it to the top of my wish list. My two cats each have their own chair that they perch under to keep them safe from whatever they think might harm them (see: nothing). But that's how cats are, and why the Cat Crib is so flippin' awesome. It's a little cat-sized hammock that attaches to any four-legged chair or small table with enough room underneath to fit a kitty. And actually, it holds up to 20 lbs. (9 kgs), which should hold even the biggest of cats, so it's not that small.

It costs $29 USD and takes up no floor space, so it's pretty cost- and space-efficient for small homes. But wait, there's a video of a cat totally using the shit out of this, too:

I totally want to hug that gray cat. What a cutie. If your cat's natural instinct is to lay under a chair, this hammock might be just what he or she would love.

Where does your cat sleep? Is it anywhere but in the beds your bought them?

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