Use plastic wrap to easily poach eggs

By on Sep 13th

Last week awesome Homie Ange taught us all how to make perfectly poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.

And then reader QoB came in with the assist and schooled us all on how to use plastic wrap (aka clingfilm) to poach eggs!

I use clingfilm for poached eggs — it's a lot easier and there's no vinegar-y taste…

Put a square of clingfilm over a small cup, push it down a little and rub a bit of butter or oil into it. Then drop the egg in, twist the clingfilm around it and pop in simmering water til it's done.

Because of the clingfilm, it all stays together and it's easy to take it out, see how done it is, and put it back again if needed.

You can also cook more than one egg at a time in one pot.

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