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Fauxidermy: trophy heads without guilt

By on Sep 14th
Congrats on the promotion, Brett!

Ariel bought this for her neighbor. Don't we all wish we lived next to Ariel?

Oh man, I think we found something to top my wall-mounted shark headthis T-Rex trophy head from Amazon that Ariel is so fabulously modeling! They also have these cardboard unicorn heads as well. Of course, this made me want to explore the wonderful world of faux taxidermy to see what other crazy animal "trophies" I could find. And boy-oh-boy, did I find some awesome shit.

If you're not the type to either make your own fauxidermy (a la our unicorn head weekend challenge) or bag your own trophy head, you may just be interested in these wacky and wonderful fauxidermy options…

I love these animal heads made out of cardboard. Painting them would be fun!

This all black deer is goth-y and sexy. I know a particular bedroom where this would look perfect.

Oh, upcycled sweater moose head, your silly eyes make me giggle.

Y'all know how much I love Neatorama online store, I love it even more now that you can purchase this Cthulhu Plush Wall Trophy!

Ermagerd! This dragon trophy head is amerzing.

Toot Your Horn Porcelain Wall VaseMod Cloth has a porcelain rhino head that's also a vase!

Neatorama has this inflatable bear head, along with an inflatable shark, tiger, and dino heads.

For those of you who want no-damage decor, this wall decal will do the trick.

Ah, the snot coming out of the nose of this warthog's head is hilarious.Is anyone else reminded of Bebop?

I've always wanted a pet elephant, so if I got this baby I think I'd pet that pretty trunk every day. Also, I'm loving the white-on-white action. Speaking of white… White Faux Taxidermy has a lot of rad fauxidermy options.

Repeat after me: Seafoam green deer head with silver glitter antlers. Did you hear that? That was the sound of Ariel falling to the ground in a glitter fit.

Halloween is coming up! You could always BE fauxidermy!

So who's got experience with fauxidermy? Have you made you own, have you purchased one of these fake trophy heads? I know that my shark head gets LOTS of love from all our guests, it's a total conversation piece. Perhaps no home is complete without a guilt-free animal head?

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