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Let's talk about living in a tipi year-round

By on Sep 19th

DUDE, IS IT COLD IN THERE!? tipi © by Philip Post, used under Creative Commons license.

I'm really interested in buying a tipi that you can live in year-round. I found some great manufacturing websites but the only thing is they all say the same thing, i.e.: yes it's great to live in year-round, it's so romantic with the open fire etc., etc.

I would love to hear from real people who live in a tipi year-round (in particular, places with cold winters like Canada) and find out the disadvantages as well as the advantages. Because all I'm seeing is that it's awesome and I don't want to spend my life savings on something that…well, just isn't all it's cracked up to be. -Kit

Kit, this is a long-shot (because I want to believe that I'd already know if we had any tipi-dwelling Offbeat Home readers) but let's see if we can find any Homies to answer your questions. WHO'S LIVED IN A TIPI YEAR-AROUND?!

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