Get your Instagrams off your phone and onto your fridge with StickyGrams

By on Sep 28th

StickyGram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely 2×2 inch magnets. I'mma be talking more about this sponsor on Offbeat Bride later, but I had to gush about it now for you Homies because THIS IS AWESOME!

StickyGrams are super easy to create…

  1. Connect your Instagram account on
  2. Pick your photos
  3. Enjoy your magnets!

There are also so many great uses for StickyGrams — from simply brightening up your kitchen and office, to some really exciting personalised gifts. Here are three ways StickyGram can improve your home life:

Pimp your fridge

…Or any other magnetic surfaces! You can use them to hold up recipes while you cook, or even printed ones with step-by-step cooking instructions of your favorite go-to meals.

Teaching moments!

Use StickyGrams as an easy and artsy way to teach your kids. This would even be a creative way for you to learn a new language. Si! Gracias! Oh, de nada.

Give personalized gifts to loved ones

You know how much your grandma loves magnets and family photos? Think about how much she'll love getting a magnet/photo combo that also accompanies a sweet note! Thank your friends for coming to your party with a special photo. And you KNOW I'll be talking about the brilliant ways to use StickyGrams in wedding invitation over on Offbeat Bride later…

Final happy news of the day: offers free shipping EVERYWHERE! (Yes, that means world-wide.) Get your Instagrams off your phone and onto your fridge!

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