Would you ditch paper towels for this re-usable "unpaper towel" roll?

By on Sep 11th

UnPaper TowelsThanks to KP who uploaded her super colorful and quite eco-friendly paper towel roll photo into our Flickr pool, I learned what an unpaper towel roll is. We talked about going toilet paper free. But would you ditch your paper towels?

KP explains:

A couple of years ago, my dude and I had committed to ridding our house of paper towels. We just decided that they were expensive, and wasteful, and really- how much extra effort does it take to throw a cloth in the wash? Since moving to our current place, we have fallen off the bandwagon. The ability to store bulk items in our pantry had us in disposable paper product heaven.

…After roaming about on Pinterest for a while, I came across a picture of "unpaper towels" — snappable homemade cloths that fit on a regular paper towel roll. Brilliant! It was just the push I needed to recommit to cloth. They looked easy enough to make, so I decided to go for it!

LongRollSMHere they are all lined up, snapped together, and ready to be rolled up and used.

At home on the counter…And here they are rolled up and at home on KP's counter.

If you're interested in making one of these eco-friendly unpaper towel rolls, you can find the full tutorial over on KP's blog. So… do you think YOU could make the switch?

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