Use oven rack guards to save your clumsy limbs from burning

September 18 | meganfinley

Guys! How stoked am I that oven rack guards are a thing? Super stoked. Back in my Cooking Challenge days, I got a few burns and have always just been generally afraid of the hot oven parts.

Look! They even make 'em with cool little (nipple-type?) thingies that you can pinch and pull to move the racks in and out. Brilliant!

I just ordered a couple of these for $8, and I can't wait to stop worrying when I do the Offbeat Home cooking challenge #2. Yup: there are ideas in the works.

  1. I wonder if I could put these things on the wire rack holder thingy on my pizza stone… I always burn myself on that thing!

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  2. I will have to look into these. I have three burn scars on my hand in the same spot where I'd hit those bars with my hand over the years. I know to pull it out before I stick my hand in, but every time I forget seems to be when disaster strikes.

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  3. Do they work when you're broiling? What about when you're baking pizza at a gazillion degrees? Or when you put the oven on self-clean? Just *how* heat-safe is silicone, anyway?

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    • A brief bout of internet searching seems to pretty unanimously conclude that: pure silicone is an inert, BPA-and-chemical-free material, making it safe in terms of no off-gassing when heated (but if it has a number 7 on it, it is a plastics blend which may contain bpas, not pure silicone); silicone begins to break down between 450-500 degrees, so NOT SAFE for broiling/pizza/etc; DEFINITELY not safe for oven cleaning. There are many horror stories! There is a small concern of oil leaking out over time, which is more of a problem for silicone baking sheets or items the food actually sits on, but since these are for your arms, not for the food, I'm personally deciding I am not worried about oil seeps.

      (one of several links with above information.

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  4. These are brilliant! I just bought two sets – one for me, and one for the little boy I nanny. I have just started baking and cooking with him – these will be a godsend to avoid tiny scalded hands and irate parents! :)

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  5. Genius! How do we not all already own these??
    (I'm sure my mom is like, "those are for pansies" – ha!)

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  6. Aww I may need these, I do this all the time!
    I even have a scar from our first meal in our first house: lasagna! Well, moose lasagna.

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    • You should share your recipe for moose lasagna!

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  7. OMG! These sounds awesome. I have a good size scar on my arm from a hot oven rack. And yes this was one of those Duh moments for me! :D Thanks!

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  8. Must Have!!!! I have far to manny wrist burn injuries when my clumsy ass uses the oven. I am in LURV

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