Beyond the chair-pile: What do you do with not-quite dirty clothes?

By on Sep 14th

Three guests © by Javier Kohen, used under Creative Commons license.

With the exception of things like undies and socks, I wear clothes multiple times between launderings if they aren't stained or smelly. It saves the time and quarters of doing laundry, the water and energy of washing, and helps clothes last longer.

However, I feel odd putting my semi-clean clothes back up in the closet. But between the Sunday school t-shirt I wear one morning a week, my don't-have-to-be-perfect-after-work-running-errands clothes, and that work dress that I can wear again, before I know it I have a semi-clean-clothes monster piled in a chair! What systems — physical or mental — have folks come up with for managing semi-clean clothes? -Alissa

Ooh, we're SUPER curious to hear what awesome systems Homies have for this everyday challenge. Bring on the advice!

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