Monday Moment: Yarn-pocalypse

By on Sep 10th

Yarn-pocalypseBig fuzzy yarn-fluffy thanks to Honolulu Homie Lauren for uploading this color orgy of a moment into our Flickr pool. Or, as she referred to it… "Yarn-pocalypse: Boring corner overhaul." The moment I saw it pop up like rainbow magic in our Flickr pool, I just had to know more… paintings, dinosaurs, what's hanging up over the kitchen pass-through!? Amazing. And Lauren was more than happy to tell us all about her moment:

The garland over the kitchen is a rotating panel of granny square patterns I've been testing out, hung with clothespins on a ribbon. A small portion of our dinosaur collection is featured here with their friend, Alduin the Skyrim dragon (a tribute to my husband's gaming obsession). The paintings are originals by me of a friend (bottom) and myself (top).

The yarn was previously a horrible heap that the dog kept trying to sleep on, so we bought some new shelving and now I can't get over how colorful it makes our living room look. I'm glad I didn't let my husband talk me into hiding it in our spare bedroom!

You can see the before and after shots and more views of her fun and colorful living room over on her blog, From Honolulu to Eternity.