Fuschia and black bathroom with the expanding shower

By on Sep 20th

All photos courtesy of Redfin.com

Let's hear it for this daring fuschia and black bathroom in this Dallas, Texas home! I am loving the fuschia lacquered drawers with the white countertops and the black stone floor. But what really gets me about this bathroom is the expanding shower situation.

See, the vanity section of the bathroom openly flows into the shower and the toilet area. Do you see something interesting about that shower set up? Let's look closer…

I'm seeing shower doors (that don't even look like they'd necessarily meet? Unless maybe they close off to a triangular shower?) AND huge shower curtains. I think this is the first expanding shower I've ever seen. Perhaps this was a way the home owners hacked this bathroom to be wheelchair-friendly? (FUCK YEAH, ACCESSIBILITY!) Maybe they just really enjoy large group showers every now and then?

Either way, fuschia and black bathrooms with expanding showers are AWESOME!

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