Don't judge a cake stand by its color

By on Sep 21st

Homie, AmalaaFish was gifted a cake stand, and what she did with it has me re-considering how I deal with gifted items that initially aren't my style.


"I was given a free cake stand that just reminded me too much of my mom's photos from the '70s, so a little can of spray paint later and…

After…this is what I get! Now, it wasn't the blue I wanted but it will do for now. No primer or anything, just clean and spray! (Okay so I did tape tissue paper around the neck to prevent weird markings from the slotted top)."

From poop brown '70s fugly, to retro '50s cake stand deliciousness with just a can of spray paint!? Has this totally changed the way you look at thrift store shopping or gifted items, too?

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