Spread out one bouquet of flowers in five thrifted vases

September 25 |


I'm one of those people who are rabid about all things thrifting — sometimes I find myself perusing stock at my local Goodwill two or three times a week. I've lately become infatuated with vases, but since flowers can get pricey I couldn't justify purchasing a ton of vases just to have them sit around empty half the time. It occurred to me that I could spread one or two bouquets out over the collection, and this window has started looking a lot better ever since.

I picked up a bouquet or two from the grocery store, five vases (varied from $.99 to $1.99), and voilà: happy window times!

  1. I just did something very similar the Saturday before last, with a $5 bunch of farmer's market flowers and four thin vases. It was great, because it was like I left a little present for myself all over in places I normally don't put flowers. I'd go into the bathroom and be all, *gasp* "flowers, for me? You shouldn't have." :) It's amazing how one single flower in an unexpected location can brighten things up.

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  2. My mum does this for every holiday – she uses the tiny heinz ketchup bottles, labels removed – like you see at .. hotels and stuff, you know? And then buys one bouquet and spreads them out so everyone has a mini bouquet at his or her place setting. It's so cute.

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  3. I do something similar, but as I work in a lab that got rid of a lot of old glassware a few years ago my flowers are kept in re-purposed distillation equipment. It certainly raises a smile with guests.

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      • We're in the middle of buying a house at the moment, but when the chaos is over and the dust settles I promise to take pictures.

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  4. Thanks to my friends' pottery habits, I have a bunch of great ceramic vases that I fill with flowers around the house.

    Your shelf looks gorgeous with those glass vases!

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  5. I do the same on a windowsill with flowers from my garden and leftover spice/oil/Chambord bottles. Makes me smile very time that I walk into the kitchen.

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  6. I did that for our wedding and it translated amazingly into our apartment. Happy flowers in every corner!

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  7. I do this with decorative liquor bottles all grouped together with an inexpensive grocery store bunch of flowers.

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