Bamboo fencing: my favorite island-style home decor

By on Sep 12th

As I mentioned before, I'm working in Maui right now. Aloha, bitches! So I'm inspired to talk about one of my favorite decorating tools to instantly give your home an instant island feel — bamboo fencing! It's obviously useful as fencing, but also has many indoor and outdoor uses to make your home feel like a tropical vacation.

When I met that guy I married, he had bamboo fencing put up like wallpaper all along his bedroom walls, with aloha print curtains. I was like, "This dude… is… AWESOME." When we moved in together, the bamboo fencing got re-purposed in a couple of different ways. I've rounded up those reincarnations with a few other ideas for my favorite kind of fencing…


my balconyWe don't have a yard that needs a fence, but we do have a balcony with ugly metal bars and grating. So I cut down the husband's old bamboo fencing and made my balcony look a billion times better. My neighbors, taking a cue from our balcony, ended up putting the bamboo fencing on theirs too. They didn't cut it down to size, which made their space more private.


Wanna see what happened to the rest of our bamboo fencing? Here it is installed on the outside of my friend Robin's kitchen counter/bar. And yes, that is a birdcage wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra in the background.


largeI found this easy island-style headboard idea via an Airbnb listing on Maui. Such an easy island-y room upgrade, I can't believe I didn't think of this for myself!



Photo courtesy of Airbnb.

You could use it to enclose a gazebo and create a romantic outdoor sleeping space like these Hawaiian residents did.

Above ground pool

photo 3My parents used their extra bamboo fencing from their house to de-boring the outside of their above-ground pool. Read up on the details on this post.

So let's talk bamboo fencing. Have y'all thought of creative ways to use it in your home?