Vegan-friendly Infinity Shoes has flowered high-tops, rainbow zig-zagged kicks, and one extra-amazing pair of electric blue platform boots

By on Aug 31st

Ariel's always showing off awesome party shoes over on Offbeat Bride, but what about those of us who aren't planning a special event and just love us some awesome shoes? Like, oh, say this Limerick Platform Shoe! That, my friends, is 5 inches of heel, 2 inches of platform, and in total 7 inches of complete and total INCREDIBLE, all from our sponsor Infinity Shoes. If you're not already living nearby one of their NYC locations, allow me to introduce the two of you.

The biz is most known for helping to create and carrying the very fabulous line of shoes by Miz Mooz, and many of the designs are unique to Infinity Shoes. Infinity Shoes also has plenty of vegan-friendly options — and I'mma show you a few of my favorites:

If you can't quite picture yourself strutting around in platforms (if you can: I LOVE YOU), these high-top Dr. Martens might be what you're looking for. The rose pattern is totally '90s throwback without cheese, and the sneaker is more lightweight than the combat boots Dr. Martens is best known for.

There are three super excellent things about this Dr. Martens lace-up ankle boot: 1) the outside is oil resistant, so NOTHING'S gonna ruin your shoes, 2) you can wear them in the sunshine or the rain, and 3) in case you missed it, this boot is PINK. Like, so pink it'll make you happy every time you look down at your feet.

I saved my favorite pair for last, and I've been giddy to write about these rainbow zig-zag canvas kicks from the second I saw them. I'm not sure if they'd be more perfect for leaping around and pretending you're some kind of rainbow fairy or pairing with an all-black outfit to give the world a burst of SURPRISE! when they see your feet, but they're perfect. PERFECT I SAY.

If you're hunting around for even MORE vegan shoe options, Infinity Shoes has stellar women's and men's vegan options; and plenty of non-vegan options as well. The clearance page alone is a veritable shoeplosion of multi-colored goodness just waiting for you and your giddy shoe-shopping ways. Get to it!

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