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Make subtly sexy sex wall art with your partner

By on Aug 1st

Are you in unique position (wink wink) where you'd love to make a giant piece of art for your wall, but you really just want to spend all your free time having lots of sex? Well you, my kinky wonderful Homies, are in luck: because now you can do BOTH at the same time with the Love Is Art Kit!

Yes, that's a big-ass canvass that's been created by… um… your ass? Maybe your legs? Perhaps a boob or two? Aw let's not get sheepish here — you create this art by gettin' busy.

And while yes, you could TOTALLY make this art yourself with your own supplies, this kit wraps it all up nicely for gifting, or for those of us who are just too lazy to go collect all the supplies.

Okay, want to see more of the most subtly sexual wall art ever, along with some hilarious/kinky/awesome reviews with some wonderful ideas?

Check out these happy customer comments:

I gave this to my boyfriend in parts — first day the booties, next day the scrubby, next day plastic, next day the canvas, next day the paint — all with the labels taken off so he had no idea what it was. Then on his birthday, our two year anniversary, I gave him the directions…

We loved it we put the paint on in four different spots in the shape of hearts and it turned out amazing! I love it, best of all is when we have people over and they look at the painting and ask were it's from and we look at each other and smile and say "garage sale" hahah its out inside joke that will never end… I love it! -sml1478

I bought this for our 15 year anniversary! It was the perfect gift. He wanted to skip dinner and make the art right when he opened it. The only thing I recommend is to warm the paint somehow… not sure what that means, but it was COLD! -UT
I bought this for my husband and I for our one year wedding anniversary. We had so much fun getting "dirty" and rolling around in the paint. It was even more fun to wash it off each other after we were finished. ;) We both love all kinds of art, so this was really unique because we made our own piece together. We used the paint to make one giant heart on the canvas, and two small hearts on the sides. It turned out looking like one big abstract heart. We love it and can't wait to hang it over our bed. I would reccomend showering immediately after and then cleaning your shower right away. -TurnthePaige

You can head over to Amazon to see what we're all talking about. Good times, friends. Good times.

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