Use dirty things in your hands to clean your bathroom in 10 seconds.

By on Aug 21st

In the comments to this post, our beloved Offbeat Homie Mich offered this tidbit of advice:

My quick cleaning tip is that when I've finished using a makeup remover wipe I turn it over so the clean side is out and use it to give my bathroom sink a quick wipe out of toothpaste residue/stray hairs/dropped powder from my makeup.

Ok so it's not a full bathroom clean but it means you can go a couple of extra days between full cleanings with bleach etc.

I love this! When I'm getting in the shower, I'll often use a dirty sock or pair of underwear to wipe out my bathroom sink or even swipe down the edge of the floor where it meets the floorboard. (Pro-tip: if using dirty underwear as a cleaning agent, be sure to bundle them sunny-side in.) The clothes are going into the wash any way, and the dirty things are already in my hand — might as well do a 10-second wipe-down to make the bathroom a bit less grimey.