Offbeat Home summer mini break!

By on Aug 6th
Jealous of Kate's amazing camp site

My home on Bainbridge Island.

Right now, as most of you are reading these words, I am taking a mini Summer (and omg 31st birthday!) break with Ariel at her mother's amazing bed & breakfast/eco-retreat space, Sacred Groves. And guess what, Homies… sometimes blogs need a Summer break too.

So this week Offbeat Home is taking a little mini break. Kinda like that time Offbeat Bride took a vacation and Ariel wore a big hat. Only this time, since we don't want to leave our Homies bereft of posts, we'll be doing one post a day (mayyybe two if some of you hip us to your awesome projects). Oh, and all the while, do me a favor and imagine me wearing an even bigger hat.

In the meantime, the Empire will be scheming and dreaming up more Offbeat Home content, and we'd REALLY like your help. Like the rest of the Empire, Offbeat Home is a community site. Unlike the rest of the Empire, our readers submit very few guestposts. We're counting on you to turn that beat around! Basically, don't suck like Ariel:

Don't suck like Ariel.

Click here to stop sucking and start submitting.

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