My favorite color is this combination of colors

Guestpost by Sarah Brown on Aug 22nd
400 Monte Vista 20

Over the past year, I've favorited a lot of photos containing this color combination. Some of them are of actual interiors, or homes, or at least buildings, but some of them are of waterfalls over tunnels in sides of mountains in China…

Photo courtesy of Harris Tweed

Photo by Sarah Brown

I really like these colors. I want to make the inside of my house look like them. My main problem is that one of them is not so much a color as burning. "Yeah, for the living room we're thinking a palette of slate blues and grays, and warm browns, with fire accents?" The photographer of the first image, the house with the deck, admitted he spent $169 on candles to get that shot. That's not exactly within my budget or fire safety perimeters.

Mica Lamp, by Target

The only way I can think of making that warm orange glow happen without actual flames is with a lamp with a mica shade, and I'm not a huge fan of those. I had one for years, and they look cozy, but don't give off enough light to live by, so you have to compensate with other brighter lamps and that kills any sort of aesthetic effect you were close to achieving. They also tend to complement a style that's much more American Craftsman than I'm interested in.

1910 SQUIRREL-CAGE 40W FILAMENT BULB from Restoration Hardware

The Restoration Hardware website offers some vintage filament light bulb collections, a phrase I cannot even write with a straight face, much less consider purchasing and hanging in my home, but it's the only other alternative that even comes close. My apartment is neither steampunk nor a fancy cafe, so I can't imagine installing a 1910 Squirrel-Cage Filament Bulb in it. (This is why I can't have nice things: because I make fun of them.)

So short of having straight up torches on the walls or just living on a window-washer platform outside my apartment, forever looking in at dusk, how do I replicate that kind of light?

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