Ever thought about what it'd be like to live on a boat?

By on Aug 15th

Korum and his girlfriend (now wife!) getting ready for the homecoming dance. School dance photos become more unique when you're floating.

I'll admit that I often entertain the fantasy of giving up the land and living on a boat. I love the idea of a (possibly) every-changing water view, of the waves rocking me to sleep every night, and knowing that I could take my ENTIRE home with me when I travel. Of course, there are definitely negative aspects that have kept me from ditching my city apartment and buying a boat — no yard for my dogs, not a lot of space, and, what with renting a slip and boat repairs, living on a boat can be pricey.

But over on Offbeat Mama, Korum Bischoff, a father and drummer who lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, is giving us all an in-depth look at what it was like for him to grow up and live on a boat…

I lived aboard a 37-foot sailboat from the ages of 9-23 with my parents and younger brother (who was five when we moved aboard). Unless we were travelling, we kept our boat in a marina instead of anchored in the harbor so that we had access to power, water, and bathroom facilities.

Speaking from our family's experience only, growing up afloat was an amazing experience, and probably one of the top three decisions my parents made that created the person I am today. I lived at home into my early 20s and even spent three years after high school travelling the world in our floating home, meeting many other liveaboard families of all types along the way.

Head over to Offbeat Mama to learn more about the ups and downs (get it? Cause of waves?) of boat living, as he gives advice to a pregnant couple thinking about raising their child on their boat.

And then tell me, have you ever thought about living on a boat? DO YOU live on a boat? Is it worth giving up living on the land?

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