Make a filing cabinet for your laundry

Guestpost by burks2013 on Aug 29th

laundryOur two-adult-one-child household produces a crap-ton of laundry that drove me absolutely insane. There was always a pile in every room, and an absolute mountain of it right there beside our glorious washer and dryer. My very small home does not have a laundry room — this is actually IN my tiny kitchen. So, thanks to Pinterest, I got creative.

I spent about $40 and 15 minutes on this, including buying the shelves and baskets, but you could do it cheaper if you already had a shelf similar to this one.

The signs are just MS Word WordArt printed, inside of page protectors with velcro on both sides (there are "dirty" and "clean" sides, despite the fact that most of these say "dirty." Time to do laundry!).

This is how we make our small offbeat space work for us! (Note the missing basket, which is sitting on my bed waiting to be put away!)