Dust your home with a lint roller

Guestpost by Finnick on Aug 8th

This afternoon I was using a lint roller on my couch (black cat + white blanket on couch = grey couch) when I had a "BASKETS!" moment. I happened to glance over and catch sight of one of my cringe-worthy areas — a catch-all sort of table that catches more dust and floating cat hair than anything else. So, I ripped the clogged-up sheet from the lint roller and ran it over my table: Voila! No more dust or hair!

It's way cleaner than a duster would be (I feel like I'm just moving the dust back into the air so it can settle again…), less gross than a wet rag, and there's less garbage than throwing away a dust cloth or one of those Swiffer things. It may not be as economical if you actually use your lint roller a lot, but I've had the same one for several years now, so I don't feel bad about using an extra sheet to keep my table from looking too grungy. (Dusting is my least favourite chore, in case you couldn't tell! Well… right below the dishes.)

What other "baskets!" moments have y'all had when it comes to cleaning?

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