We just moved in together! How can we create a space that feels comfortable to both of us?

By on Aug 17th

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My fiance and I just bought our first home. Until now, we have lived with his mom in his childhood bedroom; i.e. we have never had to decorate a space together. Now that we are moving in together, it is becoming very apparent that our tastes do not match.

I am very design minded; I love color, pattern, unique objects, upcycled decor and fun random weirdness. He just wants it done with the latest and greatest; new couch, new floors, one color and done (plus, as manly as possible).

My question being: how do I live with this boy, and still be the girl I am? What do I compromise on and put my foot down on? How do I figure the difference?

We're going to turn this question over to our trusted Offbeat Homies! Newlyweds and newly-cohabs, how do you find decor compromise with your partner? How do you create a space that feels comfortable to both of you?

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