Color blocked, Mondrian-style, Skittles-paletted mid-century home decor

By on Aug 23rd

All photos courtesy of Redfin.

I am losing my shit over this impeccably restored period home in Denver, Colorado. Not only is the home a mid-century modern dream, but it's been decorated — inside AND out — in color-blocked, Mondrian-style, using a Skittles palette of bright reds, yellows, greens, and oranges.

If you'd like to be schooled on color-block decor, come drool all the fuck over this 1952 ranch home.

They even painted the windows!

Even the garage door got in on the color-blocking action. So simple, yet SO bad ass.

Hi, living room of my dreams, complete with cedar beamed ceilings and an awesome two-sided fireplace.

I can't tell you how much I love that they set out a bowl of Skittles to play off the color scheme. Brilliant and delicious!

I really love the minimalist tv stand, on top of that raised area.

Here's a view of the living room and front door from the other side of the fire place. Hello front door, I want to enter you so hard.

Gotta love this feature wall.

The bedroom gets in on the color-block action by having one wall painted a vibrant red.

The bathroom has yellow paint with orange accents. I want that scale.

I have to say that the kitchen rivals the living room for badass-ery. I mean look at that yellow door and the stained glass window, combined with the retro dining set.

I'm also a fan of the stainless steel countertops.

Here's a good lesson on how you can easily work a color-block look into your kitchen — paint a couple of cabinet doors and then lay down a similarly colored floor mat.

How fucking cool is this pass through bar area that goes from the kitchen to the dining area!?

And don't think that I'm not also coveting that rug under the dining table.

This house is totally on the market right now for $354,000. If I were to buy it I would do whatever the hell I had to do to purchase this baby fully-furnished. Because OMFG this is perfection.