Vices Canisters: sorta like a demented cookie jar

We all have our vices, and these light-hearted striped ceramic jars give you a cookie jar-like storage spot for your chemical of choice, whether it be something illicit like ganja, peyote, or shrooms; something a bit more common like caffeine or prozac; or even my vice of choice, glitter.

Of course, you could also store whatever you wanted in each canister — maybe cookies are your prozac? Personally, I love the idea of storing my teabags in an uppers canister. Check out the full line, and see which vice catches your fancy. (Warning: like vices, the canisters are not cheap.)

Laughing Squid

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  1. My first thought is WANT.
    My second thought is that Amy Sedaris ought to own every last one of these.

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  2. WHY DON'T I HAVE ALL OF THESE IN MY PANTRY RIGHT NOW! Goodness they're expensive but I am all over this. The amount of happiness I would get from seeing them everyday would make it worth it.

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