Time lapse video of a Halifax neighborhood painting an intersection/block partying it up

By on Jul 23rd

Recently, a neighborhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia, got together to paint an intersection/have a block party. One of the people involved put together this time lapse video, and another neighborhood Homie let us in on the details, including an unexpected outcome from this community street art…

The design came about through a bunch of community visioning sessions, and all of the elements in the design reflect our particular neighbourhood, and what it was that people wanted to see. There's a chicken to represent the chickens that live in the area, the historic North Street Church that's now used as a performance and community space, some trees, the seniors' building that's down the street… all kinds of things. It was a lot of fun, and the painting coincided with a street party put on by the seniors residence to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

There had been a number of accidents at this corner because cars sometimes wouldn't really stop, but I've noticed that even in the few days since it's been up, cars are definitely more careful about stopping.

Apparently this is an effort to beautify a community and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. And I truly hope this becomes a "thing" in more neighborhoods, because not only does that look like one fun block party, but I'm loving the added side effect of better traffic patterns!

Do you think you could or would pull this off in your neighborhood?

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