Use slatboard to store your Nerf guns

By on Jul 19th

Photos courtesy of Amazon customer images.

I've been in love with slatboard since I was young. My mother used them for organizing the kitchen (hanging pots and pans, etc) and in all our closets growing up (small hooks for hanging belts and longer hooks for hats and thick scarves). But it wasn't until I saw this father and son-designed Nerf gun display using the Jifram Easy Living slatwall kit that I REALLY realized how cool this shit is AND finally came up with the solution to my Nerf-guns-and-ammo-scattered-about-the-apartment problem.

The dad behind this Nerf display explained:

This was a fun and easy project for my son and me. We had the whole project done in less than an hour, very easy! My son is the envy of all his friends. We ordered more hooks for other guns.

Guys, I am SO doing this! But this begs the question, if you're not using an awesome slatboard display, how ARE you storing your Nerf collections?

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