Houses that are shaped like SHOES!

July 31 |

We recently talked about updating/altering classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes on Offbeat Mama… and one rhyme in particular had me thinking about shoe-shaped houses and how interesting those might be. LO AND BEHOLD, they exist!

I didn't want to find just ANY shoe-shaped house — I wanted real life shoe-shaped HOMES that people live in. Like this Pennsylvania home:

Source: via Mickey on Pinterest

Here's another angle of the famed Shoe House:

Source: via Sue on Pinterest

This one also has a YELLOW DOOR that I find all kinds of exciting:

Source: via Maura on Pinterest

I think this one is a playhouse, but they totally have laundry hanging up:

Source: via Arisa on Pinterest

I can't find additional information on this gem, but it looks the most livable to me:

Source: via leizaelf on Pinterest

  1. I actually live very near the PA shoe house and have been all sorts of curious about it, wonder what the inside is like.

  2. I live near the one in PA too. When I first went out to college here my sis and I nearly peed outselves laughing when we saw it. (from a lot of giggle fits the entire car ride out and it was more of a giggle drug….like the giggles were the drugs…induced thing) I believe it is now an ice cream place if I remember correctly.

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  3. It is an ice cream place, and there is a miniature dog house version out back! such a cute place :) South Central PA represent!

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  4. I've been to the shoe house in pennsylvania lots of times. It's actually an ice cream shop and has tours of the inside, no one lives in there anymore. It's really nifty inside.

    • Does anybody have address to the PA shoe ice cream shop? My family and I are going to be around York and would like to check it out.

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