Houses that are shaped like SHOES!

By on Jul 31st

We recently talked about updating/altering classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes on Offbeat Mama… and one rhyme in particular had me thinking about shoe-shaped houses and how interesting those might be. LO AND BEHOLD, they exist!

I didn't want to find just ANY shoe-shaped house — I wanted real life shoe-shaped HOMES that people live in. Like this Pennsylvania home:

Source: via Mickey on Pinterest

Here's another angle of the famed Shoe House:

Source: via Sue on Pinterest

This one also has a YELLOW DOOR that I find all kinds of exciting:

Source: via Maura on Pinterest

I think this one is a playhouse, but they totally have laundry hanging up:

Source: via Arisa on Pinterest

I can't find additional information on this gem, but it looks the most livable to me:

Source: via leizaelf on Pinterest

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