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How can I help my cat settle in after our move?

By on Jul 27th
ava yarn ball1'

Maybe a classic yarn ball would do the trick? Thanks to Hillary for uploading this pic of Ava to our Flickr pool!

My fiance and I have moved to a new apartment with our two cats. It is a basement suite and we are the only two people living here (as apposed to our previous living situation). While one of our cats seems to have taken to it nicely, quickly finding his "spots" and settling in, the younger of the two, Tony, does not seem to be doing as well. He spends much of the day crying and meowing at the front door, even when there are people home. And when we try to cuddle/love him to make him feel better he will violently scratch us and run away. Although it was to be expected when we first moved, it is really starting to worry us.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to helping pets relax after a move, specifically when there are large changes to the amount of people around? Has anyone else found something similar after moving their pets? Thanks in advance for your help! -Debbie

Ariel is cat-less and my cat is so neurotic that I am not confident at all in my cat parenting. So, cat-loving, feline-knowledgable Homies — whatchu got as far as advice for Debbie and Tony?

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