Monday Moment: vintage radio-infused color makes me want to dance

By on Jul 2nd

monday momentThe moments in your home don't have to be a large area (a la my living room moment or Caroline's vanity). They can be just a small grouping of objects that, when placed together, make each object even more special. How few objects can you have in a moment? This photo that AnnabelVita uploaded to our Flickr pool suggests three.

These three things, on a shelf in my bedroom, are currently making me happy — even though the plant has seen much better days!

This photo makes me feel like I want to put on my vintage swing dress, a pair of sexy heels, and dance around the house to Little Richard tunes while I do my shitty housework. You guys feeling me on this?

If you have a special decor moment you want to share, add it to our Flickr pool, @ reply Offbeat Home on Pinterest, or send me an old fashioned email.

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