Italian treehouse with the peekaboo bathroom

By on Jul 26th

Sometimes I take virtual vacations via Airbnb, and often find myself in some of the coolest vacations spots imaginable. This time I journied to the heart of Tuscany to find a treehouse called The Black Cabin. From the Airbnb listing:

The extraordinary interiors were entirely designed, exclusively, by interior designer Claudia Pelizzari from the Archiglam studio of Brescia. Claudia wanted to create a glamour and ultraluxe cabane, playing with contrasting colors and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton from biological cultivations, using only materials of great value, in unusual combinations, such as Canadian cedar wood, glass and steel.

…And it is here, for you, our new House on the tree, the must of Piantata: the Black Cabin. Space of escape, the secret of happiness, ideal place to regenerate and stop the time, dream for a romantic elopement for two.

But the coolest part about this treehouse is the sexy peek-a-boo shower situation:

Yes, that's a shower stall that's doing double-duty as a headboard! This took me a minute to wrap my mind around, but now I'm kind of digging the idea of this whole peek-a-boo shower situation. It's an unexpected sexy bedroom arrangement, that's for sure.

Here's a look inside the bathroom. You got a little bidet and toilet action there.

But enough about the bathroom, let's check out the rest of the room and the amazeballs view:

For more info and photos about this gorgeous treehouse vacation spot in Italy, you can check out to the Airbnb listing. In the meantime tell me this: are you pro or con sexy voyeur shower headboard?

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