If you have a carport, you have a private cabana: meet the "carbana"

By on Jul 25th

My parents don't have a garage in their Maui house, so when they're off the island their truck gets covered and parked under this carport to avoid the sun and rust (ah, island life). While they were on island over this past Fourth of July holiday, my mother (of nautical hemp lamp fame) decided to turn their empty carport into a space to entertain. Thus resulting in this fabulous "carbana."

Of course, you don't have to have a home in Maui to enjoy some relaxing island-style backyard action. If YOU happen to have a carport instead of a garage, you could TOTALLY pull this off. Check it out…

If your carport has sides, take them down and stow 'em away. My mother purchased 40 yards of inexpensive gauzy fabric and cut each panel to the length of each carport section. My dad then attached five grommets onto each panel and then hooked the panels by the grommets to the rod that runs around the top of the carport, using zip ties.

My mother then attached several grass mats to match the length of the carport, brought over her lounge chairs and a couple of outdoor tables, hung a funky light fixture to the middle of the carport (you can see the red, white, and blue paper lantern she used for Fourth of July in this pic), and BOOM! the carbana — instant, party-ready, backyard lounge area.

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