How do you weather/bug proof a rental apartment?

By on Jul 13th

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My husband and I live in an apartment that we love, except for the bug problem. We've tried everything to get rid of them without much luck.

Today, I took a good look at our outside door and windows, and realized that there's an uneven gap between the side of our front door and the frame. It's no wonder we couldn't get rid of the bugs! It's not even enough to apply weatherstripping all the way down. I've also noticed some less-major gaps around the windows that I would like to close up.

I've done some research about sealing gaps, but it all seems geared to people who own their home, and I'm in a rental. This is not a serious enough gap that my landlord would be willing to get involved. Any advice from the homies? This would also help with our energy bill!


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