This 1955 "boathouse" has me delighted and confused

By on Jul 24th

12-598255_15_1As you have probably noticed by now, I have a raging vintage home boner that keeps me searching the internet for "homes with original details" porn. I got excited when I first glimpsed this spectacular boathouse built by renowned architect Harry Gesner in 1955.

So my first question was "what's a boathouse?" My Googlefu turned up this post with an interesting interview, which told me that boathouses were small homes built into the steep hills of Pacific View Drive, just off Mulholland. They were constructed by Gesner's "crew of Norwegian ship builders." Apparently there's a whole row of these boathouses, but this one in particular is on the market, delighting and confusing me.

12-598255_1_2This boathouse is full of original charm and boasts a fabulous view of the Hollywood sign.

12-598255_4_2But then, upon further investigation, I see that it's actually super tricked out with modern accents. Mainly I'm fascinated by the Crestron home automation system with 10 HDTVs integrated INTO the home in, um, interesting ways.

12-598255_6_2Yup, I think those windows that look like they're built-in aquariums are actually HDTVs!



12-598255_7_2There's even one built into the floor! Once over the shock and confusion of a floor tv, I was also pretty pleased by that built-in seat in the corner. So cute.

Apparently this home was remodeled in 2010 by the last owner, an original member of the "W" hotel development team, to use as his "spiritual residence." Um, could that last sentence get any more "LA"?

I love this office area in the bedroom. The use of a clear table makes having a home office in your bedroom feel less cluttered. Of course that wall of windows really helps open the space up too.

I'm not digging the bathroom, but you can really see how cool zebra wood paneling looks!

I am, however, in love with this large exterior covered deck…

…which happens to be situated above this lush garden with hill-side waterfall.

The real estate listing calls this "the ultimate pad!" But I'm not sure. Seriously, this home leaves me confused as to whether I want to own it or be bummed that someone installed TVs all over this would-have-been-original-detailed home.

What do you guys think? Yay for floor TV, or boo for high-tech-ing the hell out of this architecturally historic home?