Aromatherapize your house with your rice cooker!

By on Jun 20th

I love my 6-cup rice cooker (it also comes with a steaming tray). I love lavender. And I loooooove the idea of using my 6-cup rice cooker to make my apartment smell like lavender! Lo and behold, this Reddit post came along and informed me that there's a way to make that happen, and I'm going to tell you all about it.

What you need

  • An adorable rice cooker — we've had this one for nearly six years and it's so far never failed
  • Something fresh that you love to smell. I shot a wedding the weekend before I attempted this little aromatherapy trick. Luckily for me, the bride and groom handed out satchels of lavender as a gift. Score! You can also use any herb, flower, mint, etc. that you want.
  • Water: so fresh, so clean.

How you do it

Empty your herb or flower of choice into a your clean, dry rice cooker.

Cover said herb with water. Note: the directions I followed weren't very detailed, so I wasn't sure if the lavender needed to be covered or just floating. It turns out lavender just kind of floats around unless you stir the water into it, so I used my hands.

Turn on the rice cooker: I always turn mine on AFTER putting in whatever I'm cooking/aromatherapizing. You don't have to… it's just what I do.

Put the lid on the rice cooker. This may be a no-brainer to some, but I wasn't sure if I should do this with the lid off (maybe it would waft better?) or on. I tried it without the lid on first and not a lot happened, but after I put the lid on the cooker the water began to bubble and the scent of lavender filled the room around 10 minutes later.

When you're ready, take the lid off. I turned off my rice cooker after around 40 minutes — it got hot in my apartment, and I also wasn't sure if the thing would ever go off by itself. I took the lid off because it seemed like the logical thing to do, and it worked! The lavender scent lasted for around 1.5 hours, and this was with a fan on and the patio door wide open.

Enjoy the sweet scent! Mmm, lavender.

Things to keep in mind

  • As long as you wash your rice cooker afterward, this shouldn't make rice (or anything you cook in it after) taste like whatever herb you used
  • If you live in a small space (like a one bedroom apartment) this will heat up your area VERY quickly. If you also live in Alabama (like this girl) and it's 90+ degrees, be especially aware

My favorite thing about this little experiment is that you can get a similar effect to using an oil burner, but the aroma isn't as all-consuming and lavender seeds are typically way less expensive than essential oils.

Inspired by this Reddit post.

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