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Is recycling still worth it?

By on Jun 22nd

I seem to have run into an obstacle in my marriage, regarding recycling. My husband seems to be under the impression that it takes more energy to recycle a bottle, or can, or cardboard box, than it does to simply toss it in the garbage — and therefore, it's not worth recycling, because it's creating more pollution than just tossing it.

So, I have some questions:

  • Does it really take that much energy to recycle a bottle? Is it still better than just tossing it in the trash?
  • What is the truth about recycling and the impact on the environment?
  • And if, in the end, it really is better to recycle than to not, how do I convince my husband to start getting into the habit of recycling, instead of garbaging?


Seems like while there is some debate, recyling is ultimately worth it. That said, there's no denying that REDUCING and REUSING are always going to be way more efficient than recycling. Could you frame your discussions with your husband to focus on the value of those?

Homies, what are your thoughts? Is recycling worth it? If so, how can Amy convince her husband to get on board?

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