How to make the time to host a party, even when you're super busy

By on Jun 26th
Porch Party, June 1

One of Helen Jane's infamous Porch Parties

Frequent Offbeat Home contributor Helen Jane just wrote an excellent post on how she and her husband James manage to regularly throw what she calls "Porch Parties" — despite the fact that she works full-time (with an insanely long commute), has two toddlers, doesn't have a fairy godmother, etc.

How do they do it? Well, like so many things, it boils down to priorities…

James and I prioritize hosting as a core family value. It's important to us to get friends together to share food and drink and therefore we make time for it.

We do it by making lists, lots of them.
I do it by taking a deep breath, several times a day.
I do it by remaining flexible and positive.

Here's my countdown to a porch party — it outlines the steps I take (starting on Sunday) to host a Friday night party. This is especially important if you have to schedule like we do — with two working parents, an active dog and two small, funny little people.

You know you want the full scoop.

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